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Where to use brick tiles?

Is it suitable to use brick tiles in the living room?

Living room brick walls are by far the most common choice for our clients. Place it behind the TV, on the accent wall, above the sofa, or in other visible places. It will form a unique harmony with all accessories and interior styles, and it will be an ornament in itself that will dazzle every viewer. Another advantage of this type of tile is that is a solid solution if you have children or pets. Bricks and tiles are excellent thermal and sound insulators, so it’s worth using them on walls in apartments in apartment buildings or near busy streets.

old brick wall
Reclaimed brick tiles in the living room

Are brick tiles suitable for use in bathrooms?

Many people have doubts about whether they can afford a brick wall in the bathroom. Contrary to the exterior, the delicate texture of the brick reveals itself even in difficult spaces. A good and proper impregnation is enough to enjoy an arrangement with a comfortable and luxurious character, without its structure being damaged by the corrosive pressure of water. In bathrooms, where we can meet heat and cold, brick slips can be a good solution, especially because it resists mechanical damage, fire, and moisture. Despite being in contact with water, brick slips are also used for facades or garden wall covering.

modern bathroom with brick tiles on the wall
Reclaimed brick tiles in the bathroom

Are brick tiles suitable for use in the kitchen?

There is an opinion that decorative tiles in the kitchen are not a good choice because they are difficult to keep clean. From our experience with a growing number of original red brick arrangements, the answer is obvious. We should not be afraid of tiles in the kitchen, because thanks to good impregnation we can protect the tiles from absorbing liquids and oils. Cleaning is simple, the glass pane over the stove is just an extra visual. Kitchen furniture or even old brickwork between entire walls can look good.

Brick tiles in the kitchen, red, reclaimed, old
Brick tiles in the kitchen

Can I use brick tiles on the facade?

First of all, high durability and resistance to weather conditions (extremely low or high temperatures, UV radiation, rain or snow), but also resistance to moss growth, biological corrosion, etc. Interestingly, the brick facade has a positive effect on the thermal insulation of the building, and it improves the acoustic properties of the building. Brick slips facades attract attention with their unusual appearance, which gives a cozy, luxurious, and historical character. Brick slips are also suitable for garden architecture, where you can make various walls and decorative spots for plants, decorative windows, garden grills, paths, or floors.

clay brick tiles on the facade
Brick tiles on the facade

Are cracked tiles suitable for laying?

Cracked brick slips are simply amazing! This is part of the uniqueness, naturalness, and originality of Old Brick. Any “defects” give the effect of an old wall, which we want to achieve in the end, which is why we always recommend laying tiles that are cracked, chipped, with lime coating, and uneven surfaces. Bricks are definitely unique in structure and color, by no means every brick is the same, we think that is one of a kind!

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