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Our experience has given us a profound understanding of the materials we work with, including gypsum, concrete, timer boards and finishing materials. As specialists in our field, we understand the fundamental components of the materials we work.  

Whether you are looking for the flexibility of gypsum or the minimalist aesthetic of concrete, we know how to work with provisions to turn them into striking interior sculptures for your commercial and domestic space. Our comprehensive, client-focused service starts with the initial design and continues through to organising the fitting where required.

Arts and crafts are our biggest passions! As a team, we have completed a vast amount of specialist training to turn our passion into a real beauty. We have learned how to work with and transform a wide range of materials, and our experience has turned us into the master’s craftsmen. 

Inspired by the world around us, our team of craftsmen and construction specialists can supply a great 3D pieces created from almost any material you desire. As design pioneers, we take a smorgasbord of design elements and translate them into stunning wall coverings and any other interior pieces. 

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Supplying small and large projects

As a team, we can supply projects of any size with a wide range of surface materials. In the competitive world of decor and design, our ethos is to work alongside fellow designers and innovators to bring the very best selection of products to our clients.

We understand the skills and strengths of designers and craftsmen from different cultures and countries and are delighted to supply wall coverings from a rich variety of corners of the world. You can rely on our knowledge, experience, and passion.


We have been working with surface coverings and cast mouldings since 2006, and understand that every project has their own unique requirements.

With a diverse project range, spanning a wide variety of sectors including hospitality, retail, commercial and residential we work alongside interior designers, builders, architects and other industry professionals to bring their ideas to life.  We offer a comprehensive and tailored solutions and a wealth of design know-how and dedication to customer excellence. to be the best wall panels supplier on the market. 

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