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Are the brick slips practical on the wall?

Are the brick slips practical on the wall? Reviews and maintenance tips.

Brick tiles are increasingly replacing traditional wallpaper on the feature walls, ceramic tiles in kitchens and bathrooms and façade decorations. No matter what colour of brick tiles you choose, it will always look impressive, white or red colours of bricks suits any arrangement style. However, before you decide which to use it, it is worth to know the advantages and disadvantages of this solution and find out what the opinions are about brick tiles on the wall.

Advantages of brick slips on the wall?

The main advantage of brick on the wall is its attractive appearance. It looks good both in combination with white and cream, beige or brown, as well as with other colours (including those intense and eye-catching). The brick on the wall also goes well with various finishing materials in the kitchen – wood, metal, steel, glass. Regardless of whether it is white or red, it will look good in any arrangement – from classic to minimalist. In addition, a brick wall is very easy to metamorphose. To change the appearance of the kitchen walls, the brick should be painted with ordinary paint in any colour.

A brick wall in the uinteriors is also a practical choice. This finishing material is durable and solid, and additionally natural. Brick is resistant to mechanical damage, fading, moisture and grease. Properly secured and cared for, it will serve for many years. When talking about the advantages of brick on the wall, it is also worth mentioning its soundproofing properties. By placing it on the kitchen wall, there is a high probability that the sounds from the kitchen will be muted.

What brick to choose: natural or imitation?

When choosing a brick on the wall, in addition to the traditional, natural one, we have materials that successfully imitate it. There are cladding or brick style tiles made of smooth clinker, this option is really hard wearing and easy to clean but do not looks that natural like original clay brick. Another option is a concrete precast brick-imitating tiles. They have an uneven surface and a non-uniform colour, you can choose a shadow that really fit your interior.

The most popular arrangement solution is red brick, this shade fits perfectly to all styles; traditional, retro, industrial and modern interiors and the most beauty are brick tiles made of real clay. Most often it is placed above the countertop, filling the space between the lower and upper cabinets or between the sink and the upper shelves. However, you need to remember to take care of it, It will be necessary to protect it against grease and to clean it regularly. An interesting and original idea is the white brick, this solution is especially suitable for the Scandinavian style, where white, grey and other neutral colours reign supreme. You can buy a white brick in a shop or paint the old red one with paint, thus giving it the colour of your choice.

Brick slips on the wall – impregnation and maintenance.

Brick slips made of clay or concrete fitted in the kitchen and bathrooms requires impregnation. More about available impregnate can be found here: Fila Website. When applying it with a brush, special care and accuracy should be exercised when covering uneven surfaces. It should be remembered that such a treatment makes it a few shades darker. Therefore, before we decide to paint the entire wall, it is good to check what it will look like in a smaller area.

When looking for opinions about brick in the kitchen, you can come across many descriptions saying that it is difficult to maintain. Indeed, the old brick on the kitchen wall is to require a bit of care and cleaning. However, if the brick walls are taken care of on an ongoing basis, the whole process of cleaning them is as little time-consuming and invasive as, for example, washing ceramic tiles. So what does brick cleaning in the kitchen look like? In brick care, it is important to remove all dirt on an ongoing basis. You should wash them with a damp cloth soaked in washing up liquid.

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