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Is black a good wall colour?

Is black colour good for interior walls?

Opponents of the black wall colour believe that it is not a good colour for apartments, as it promotes depression and visually reduces the room. It is true if there is too much of it. For many, black seems to be quite a controversial colour, especially when it comes to interior applications. Some people fear its strong, overwhelming influence, while others appreciate it for its simplicity and timelessness. Get to know the reasons why it is worth to dare and add black furniture, lamps or walls to the arrangement of your apartment! However, if you stick to three rules:

you will use black as an addition,

you can break the contrast of black with other colours with grey,

you will add illuminating silver and shiny surfaces,

– then you will create an elegant and timeless interior with black.

When arranging an apartment, we often face difficult choices, one of them may be the right choice and combination of colours – especially black. Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about this colour.

What colours does black go with?

Black is universal, so it fits all colours and can be freely combined with them. With light colours it will give the effect of a stylish contrast, while with dark ones – a mysterious depth. Usually black looks good with: ecru, creams, beige, ivory, smoky, dove grey, off-white, soft blues, washed-out greens, browns of the “coffee with milk” type. Be especially careful about the combination of black and white – although very popular, it is not easy. The contrast of these two colours is very exhausting for the eyesight because the tiny black and white patterns appear to be vibrating. The grey colour will create a smooth transition between them. Black will mute saturated colours: fuchsia, orange, strong blues and turquoise, purple, fiery red, emerald green, spicy lime, while with yellow, black will do the opposite and give it intensity.

Can black look light in the interior?

A few black accents (for example Geometric Accent Wall) will add character to the arrangement without overwhelming it. Even furniture in this colour may look light if it has an openwork structure or thin legs. Black wall colour absorbs light, does not reflect it, so the excess of this colour makes everything optically closer to us. Interiors in black seem tighter and smaller than they really are. Therefore, when you are going to use black in an apartment, brighten it with neutral colours. However, in order to avoid chaos and the impression of a chessboard in bright rooms with the addition of black, it is best to choose only a few accessories in black. Flower pot covers or lamp shade will suffice.

Which interior style best matches black?

Most often it appears in modern style arrangements, because it creates a distinctive tonal contrast with bright colours, enhancing the modern impression. However, you can use it in any style that you want to add a strong character. Black in neutral interiors allows you to emphasize stronger colour accents and ensures that the vivid colour in a neutral interior will not contrast too much. Black tones up intense, vivid colours, making them less expressive. Therefore, for example, red or blue in the company of black will not dominate the interior. However, such combinations may still be too contrasting. Grey will reduce the contrast of black wall colout with other colours.

Black colour is perfect for glass, silver, chrome, natural shades of wood, shiny and structural surfaces, geometric patterns and precious natural fabrics, especially silver, shine and pearl shades can soften black. Black likes simple geometric shapes in interior design, without ornaments and decorations, because the colour itself attracts attention. An interesting idea will be to paint a motif in an intense colour on a black wall, using a painting template, or apply a transparent stain, e.g. silver, with an additional metallic effect.

Is black elegant enough?

Of course, the black wall colour undoubtedly ennobles any arrangement. If you want to add even more chic to the decor, choose furniture or accessories with a uniform, glossy surface or combine black with gold or a mirror surface. Black colour, like white, is timeless, so it will always be in fashion. You can be sure that even in a few years’ time it will not cease to be welcomed in the interior.

Black likes silver and shine grey, silver, and pearly shades will soften the blacks. Thanks to a bit of glow and black colour, the apartment will take on a modern character. Finishes in silver, chrome and glass will give an elegant, yet quite raw effect. The black, grey and glossy interior, however, can be easily changed with other colours. It is a very good base because it suits both intense and delicate colours. With black and white or intense colours, you can create modern and cool interiors, or warm and very romantic interiors.

However, if you like monochrome décor and have so far lacked the courage to add colour to it, start with black. Neutral beiges and greys with a drop of black will make your apartment look more expressive.

feature wall with rubik tiles
Geometric Rubik panels painted black in living room area.
Tubes wavy panels in master bedroom.
cords 3 3D wall panel
Cords geometric panels in workshop.

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