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Why are feature walls a popular addition to any room?

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Gone are the days of having a simple and plain room, now it’s all about open plan kitchen, wall decorations and modern designs. We’ve all seen a hotel, lobby or business space with an impressive feature wall but this trend has now made its way into home interiors.

Many individuals opt to have a feature wall in their living room or kitchen, but they work just as well in bedrooms and bathrooms. In fact, there are very few rooms that won’t benefit from this type of focal point. With its increase in popularity, more and more homeowners are adding a feature wall into one of their rooms.

The Benefits of a Feature Wall

Feature walls are ideal for grabbing attention and they create a centre point in your home, something that is much needed in homes that are otherwise mismatched or overly minimal. However, they also bring with them a number of other benefits; all of which have helped the feature wall to become a popular design trend.

A feature wall is the first thing a visitor will see and it works well to draw a room together. Rather than someone’s eye gazing around the room trying to take everything in, they are immediately drawn to a specific focal point.

Anyone who is interested in interior design or property will know that design can have a huge impact on the value of a home; a poorly decorated home is unlikely to sell for as much as one that offers modern, contemporary and impressive design. A feature wall shows that care and attention has been put into the design of a room.

There are lots of different ways a feature wall can be added into a room and this means personal style can be incorporated. Wavy panels and geometric tiles are both popular in modern homes, as are block colour feature walls and those styled with floral wallpaper.

A feature wall helps a home to stand out from the rest; by arousing intrigue and offering something a little bit different, it sets a home apart from others with a similar style.

As you can see, adding a feature wall can make a huge difference to your home in both style and value. So, what are you waiting for? At 3D Art Factory we have a range of products that are ideal for creating your very own feature wall including geometric tiles, decorative concrete and wavy panels.

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