3D Gypsum

Contemporary precast natural gypsum panels and tiles

With more than 20 different styles, and an infinitive amount of arrangements to choose from, our range of 3D gypsum wall panelling won’t fail to bring something truly unique to a home or commercial interior. You can create inspired artistic centre-pieces; or cover an entire wall without visible joins or lines. This product really is perfect for ensuring a seamless, unbroken surface.

The natural ceramic plaster is environmentally friendly, fire retardant and can be used in almost any environment, including bathrooms. We just advise that you don’t expose the panelling to a shower or bath wall. Panels are made to order and come in their original colour – natural white.

This modern décor can be blended in so many different ways with a multitude of different interiors. There is no limit to what you can do, and the results never fail to impress.
If you’re looking for something of exceptional quality, exquisite design, with an original flavour, you need to seriously consider this option.

Quick FAQs

Can I fit the panelling myself?
Large gypsum panels really requires a professional installation. We don’t advise that you do it yourself.
Gypsum tiles can be fitted by decorators or DIY enthusiastic.What paints can I use with it?
For gypsum panels we recommend to use emulsion paint or structures paints, tiles don’t have to be painted, they are colored in base.

When can I paint them?
Gypsum panels have to be painted after they’ve been installed and filled.

When can I expect delivery?
Gypsum tiles are in stock so usually 1-2 days, gypsum panels are made to order, usually lead time is 2-6 weeks depends on ordered quantity

Let your imagination do the work

Gypsum panels

Gypsum tiles

Our casting plaster is an all-natural product which is coloured in base, but can be re-painted in any colour after fitting. It’s highly effective at creating whole feature walls, and comes in a large range of textured options – you’ll have no trouble in finding a look that fits with your vision. This option, along with polyurethane doesn’t require any pre-filling, it’s good to use straight from the get go, fitted with tile adhesive and cut with a handsaw.

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