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Residental bungalow



Requirements: We were asked by a private client to provide stunning outdoor wall décor for a private bungalow design in Buckinghamshire. The owners were looking for unusual and striking textures, colours and combinations – all within a sophisticated and eco remit. The eco wall panels also had to be tough enough to stand up to the British weather, meaning they had to be both weather and heat resistant. 

Products: Eco wall panels featuring the ends of narrow, medium and assorted-sized wooden alder logs were fitted adjacent to large 100 per cent slate veneer sheets. Called Burning Forest, the ultra-light stone veneer sheets were in various shades of grey with striking orange flashes to resemble flames. Both required special adhesive to fit in order to ensure their durability.

Results: The contrast between the textures and colours were striking. The high-shine dark green slate stone cladding was made to feel warm with the brown and orange vein flashes – resonant of flames – lit from above. Slate is a hard material and it contrasted beautifully with the soft, natural wood. Both eco wall panels are produced from 100 per cent natural materials so fitted the brief beautifully in this respect.

residential bungalow, bungalow interior design, slate veneer wall covering, stone wall surface, wooden wall panels

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