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Gypsum: The best way to create unbroken 3D surfaces

You may not have heard of gypsum before and that’s to be expected. After all, if you haven’t ventured into the world of interior design or wall surfaces then you probably haven’t given the materials used much thought. However, if you’re now considering adding a feature wall to your home or are wanting to give a room a makeover, this is about to change. With its great flexibility and range of styles, gypsum is something to think about.

Why Is Gypsum So Great?

Gypsum is an extremely flexible and versatile material, which means it’s perfect for use in interior design. Rather than having one stand out benefit or impressive characteristic, gypsum boasts a little bit of everything. Gypsum is:

  • Fire resistance, eco-friendly and 100% natural plaster; this is perfect for those who consider the environment when choosing how to decorate their home or place of work.
  • Very easy to repair; this makes it a great investment and good long-term solution.
  • Natural to touch and doesn’t have the same synthetic feel that other materials do.
  • Gypsum do not expand, you can cover all joints between panels, so it’s the only way to create the unbroken surfaces.

The Unbroken Surfaces Trend

Currently, unbroken surfaces and unbroken finishes are very popular in the world of design. Rather than focusing on creating a lot of disorder in a room, this trend is all about creating a seamless finish and installing tiles without a gap. Modern and contemporary homes are often designed in a way that promotes glamour style and a ‘fresh’ finish; for this, gypsum is perfect. When using gypsum on a wall there are no visible joints between panels and everything is completely smooth. Not only does this create a really high quality finish, but it also makes the area very easy to style and decorate.

To find out more about gypsum and the endless design possibilities, get in touch. At 3D Art Factory we have a range of geometric and wavy panels that are ideal for creating an seamless surface. When it comes to gypsum and unbroken coverings we’ve got it covered.

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