Precast panels

3D Art Factory has the skill sets to work with customers from concept through to completion using premium precast materials as concrete and gypsum. We can produce precast elements in standard dimensions and in customised versions for individual client requests. In addition, we can design and prepare elements with relief, for example, logotypes, slogans, shuttering timber or shuttering concrete patterns.

The range of products available from precast is vast, making the decorative board perfect for a whole host surfaces include; bedroom, kitchen, floors and facade walls. Depending upon performance requirements, a range of matrix modifiers, such as acrylic polymers, rapid set cements and additives, to improve the long-term stability of the final material.

bespoke concrete tiles
Graphic transfer into 3D panel
Graphic transfer

Gypsum elements can be painted to any colour including light reflecting paints, structured paints, stucco and micro-cements. Concrete elements can be coloured in base to any colour, including beautiful pastel colours, additionally, they can be coated with flat matt varnish or lacquer to pretend stains and scratches. Both materials can be used as a base to metal coat (gold, zinc, bronze, silver, etc.). Or even graphic transfer, what means we can print any picture or graphic on any 3D element.

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Timber panels

Our wooden panels are ecologically friendly, hard-wearing and present a whole range of creative options.  Being so flexible, it is virtually impossible not to find a way of blending them into a home or commercial surroundings. We source timber from around the world to ensure the highest durability and environmentally friendly quality.  We also offer a full range of natural oiled finishes to ensure a match for every type of décor and style.

MDF 3D panels provide even more opportunities for your imagination to make use of. The many contour effects enable these unique panels to blend in with every type of interior and style of furniture. Patterns in our collection are modular and allow you to connect the panels vertically and horizontally. MDF panels can come in two finishes: pre-painted or veneered in many designs and colours; Matt, gloss, wood effect, concrete effect and more.

bespoke timber
acoustic ceiling, wooden baffles, front desk, hairdresser saloon
Hairdresser saloon entrance with concrete desk and wooden ceiling.

Wooden Baffles, the combination of three-dimensional wooden elements with a subdued background is the perfect finish for any domestic and commercial spaces. A multitude of combinations in combining wooden blinds and backgrounds makes Baffles a great addition in contemporary interiors. The arrangement of geometric and dynamic patterns works well in the role of a wall or ceiling ornamentation. Baffles are not only a decorative panel; They are also acoustic, characterised by excellent noise absorption, eliminating rumbling and other sound reflections at the same time. Wooden panels are fixed onto a baseboard, which is easy

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