The technological processes our team of specialists use in order to create our products is the key to their stability and longevity. Each customized item is unique while precast items can be painted to any colour preference or pattern. The coverings available include light reflecting paints, structured paints, stucco and micro-cements. Concrete doors, walls and ceilings can also be colourful; in pastel shades or vibrant hues. Flat, matt varnish, glossy lacquer or a distressed look can also be added. Then again, metallic elements, such as gold, zinc, bronze or silver are also available. Our decorative concrete based panels don’t just look good: they are also reinforced with fiberglass so that they are tough and long lasting. They are excellent at providing a contemporary, pseudo-industrial effect for any private or commercial space. Used for both the interior and exterior, they give a beautifully sharp, clean, angular look to any design. Our architectural concrete slabs are available in 1200 x 600mm or we can create them to your exact dimensions up to maximum size of 1200 x 3600mm.

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Veneered boards and MDF 3D panels are simple to fit on doors and ceilings. And yet they are incredibly effective. Their many-contoured angles enable these unique panels to blend in with every type of interior and furniture styles. Patterns in our collection are modular and allow you to connect the panels both vertically and horizontally. MDF panels come in two finishes: pre-painted or veneered in a selection of intriguing designs and colours; matt, gloss, wood effect, concrete effect and more.

We also supply doors with a hidden frame, allowing the opening to seamlessly blend in with the wall in true minimalist fashion. Secret doors in aluminium frames allow you to use a limitless variety of surface finishing materials such as wallpaper, paint, veneers, glass and slates. This is a really great solution if you want to merge a door with an interior in order to maintain a minimalist form.

Wooden Baffles are a combination of three-dimensional wooden elements set against a neutral background. They make a perfect finish for any domestic and commercial space. We offer a multitude of combinations, making them a great addition for walls, doors and ceilings. An arrangement of geometric and dynamic patterns work well as a decorative panel. The panels are also acoustic, thanks to their excellent noise absorption qualities. The Baffles are produced by affixing wooden panels onto a baseboard and which are then attached to a ceiling or wall using screws. Such is their flexibility that they can be used individually or together to form a larger pattern. Our baffles are ecologically friendly and hard-wearing, making them ideal for the home or commercial premises. We source timber from around the world to ensure the highest durability and quality. We also offer a full range of natural oiled finishes so that we can provide a perfect match for every type of décor and style. Choose from cubed panels for a contemporary feel, or chopped wood for a more rustic and organic forest-like feel to your surroundings.

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