The GRC technology of architectural concrete has allowed us to create items for floors, stairs and terrace surfaces. Our standard 18 mm slabs contain abrasion 4i. This is the highest degree of abrasion resistance in its class, allowing the concrete to be used for public buildings. Glass and sand are elements of the composition. The quartz content in the sand is higher than 96 per cent, which gives the composition its high abrasiveness. Not surprisingly, quartz is the hardest aggregate commonly found in our environment. It is also environmentally friendly, thanks to its low consumption of energy. Concrete’s natural raw look and composition provides a great, innovative solution for designers and architects around the world. Depending upon performance requirements, a range of matrix modifiers such as acrylic polymers, rapid set cements and additives can all be added to the concrete to improve its long-term stability. Concrete slabs don’t require any special fitting methods: standard tile adhesive is fine.

At 3D Art Factory we also provide monolithic items for concrete stairs. We can discuss using GRC technologies at the initial consultation and expand from there, including looking at assembly and fixing methods. We may suggest additional anti-slip protection for stairs, or the use of L-shaped concrete steps where the tread and riser as the one element. These are applied in order to allow us to pour monolithic concrete stairs with the quality of architectural concrete. The thickness of the cladding depends on what we are using, but an average thickness is 20mm. Meanwhile the strength of GRC architectural concrete cladding allows for trouble-free drilling when it comes to fitting any type of handrail.

Floors, stairs and slabs

For external fittings we’re pleased to say that our material has the highest degree of frost resistance possible – F150. This allows it to be used on terraces, pavements and driveways. It’s also anti-slip, while it’s also possible to perforate or etch onto the surface and in bespoke cases it is possible to perforate the surface or provide etchings. Concrete floorings have a material strength of 6-8 Mpa. This allows them to be used on a variety of terrace types for prive and commercial use. Outside surfaces are very often exposed to dirt, but using “supreme drop” technology, allows us to close pores and create hydrophobic protection for easy maintenance purposes.

Floors, stairs and slabs gallery

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