Reclaimed Clay Brick Slips

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Price per unit, including VAT

Minimum order: 5 units (1 unit = 50 tiles)

Unit contains: 1 sqm

Lead time: 1-15 working days

Reclaimed clay brick slips are made of the face of 19th centaury handcrafted clay bricks burned in the oven. They are hard-wearing and fire resistance, suitable for interior and exterior walls, in domestic and commercial projects.

Reclaimed brick slips are a fantastic decorative product, made of original, 19th centaury clay bricks. It is a strong and versatile solution, which works well in the harshest of conditions. For example, in a chimney breast, where the bricks are exposed to very high temperature or on external walls, in contact with rain, frost and sunlight. Clay brick slips can be cut with an angle grinder. Our pre-designed corner sets make pillars or any other corner in your property look perfect, without joints on the edge, with no need for 45 degrees cutting.


  • Skills required to fit: wall tiling
  • Cut with an angle grinder
  • Water and frost resistance
  • Fire resistance
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Real 3D geometric effect
  • Original clay product

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Unit contain



Fitting method


250 mm


65 mm


18-22 mm

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