Concrete 3d tiles designs can produce minimalist and industrial effects evoking a raw and modernist feel to any interior. Architectural concrete is a hard-wearing, fire- and frost-resistant material that lends itself beautifully to a modernist industrial feel for both interiors and exteriors. Concrete tiles are handcrafted using GRC (Glass-fibre Reinforced Concrete) technology and made of best quality cement and fibres. They have a 4i attribution rating which is the highest in concrete products range, making it a very tough material and perfectly suited for a surface covering purposes. This versatile material can be dyed in base too many colours, from white to graphite, enabling it to be used in both domestic and commercial environments.

This versatile material is made from real concrete and reinforced with industrial fibreglass, enabling it to be used in home and commercial environments. It has a 4i Attribution Rating which is the highest in class, making it a very tough material, perfectly suited for decorative purposes. Made from Glass fibre Reinforced Concrete,  (GRC) is a significant contributor to the aesthetics of the construction industry worldwide. Being an environmentally friendly composite, with its low consumption of energy and natural raw materials, it is fast becoming a trigger for innovative designers, architects and engineers. Depending upon performance requirements, a range of matrix modifiers such as acrylic polymers, rapid set cement and additives to improve the long-term stability of the material.

This highly flexible material can be used both internally and externally and can be integrated into stunning and visually complex bathroom designs, flooring and even furniture. Using standard tile adhesive, GRC offers easy to find panels for your designs. With a diverse project range, spanning a wide variety of sectors including hospitality, retail, residential interior design, architectural work and commercial building work, we work alongside interior designers, builders, architects and other industry professionals to bring ideas to life.

  • Concrete panels 120×60


    Price per unit, including VAT

    Minimum order: 10 units

    Unit contains: 1 panel = 0.72 sqm

    Product made to order, lead time: 1-3 weeks

    Concrete tiles are designed to create raw and solid 3D wall surface, coloured in base or painted to any colour. Minimal collection is made of hard-wearing and fire resistance architectural concrete, suitable for interior and exterior walls, in domestic and commercial projects.