Brick and stone tiles are a fantastic decorative product, ascetically identical to natural stones and bricks. It is a strong and versatile solution, very popular in North America, which works well in the harshest of conditions. For example, in a chimney breast, where the stones are exposed to very high temperature or for external walls, in contact with rain, frost and sunlight.

Clay brick slips and concrete stone cladding can be easily cut with an angle grinder and fix with tiles adhesive. Brick and Stone tiles have pre-designed corners sets, they make pillars or any other corners in your property look perfect, without joints on the edge, with no need for 45 degrees cutting.

Reclaimed bricks tiles are rescued from original clay bricks, cleaned up and packed, ready to use again. Original bricks have cracks, discolouration and old mortar marks. They also come in irregular sizes. All this, and more, adds to their warm charm and a cosy character.

With a genuinely matured & acquired natural character built up from years of wear, reclaimed brick tiles offer the authentic look of an original exposed brick wall. The individuality of every brick ensures your project is truly unique.

Made using the front of the reclaimed brick, these tiles can be fitted nearly any-where. They can be used both internally and externally, or are the perfect ac-cessory for bathrooms and kitchens.

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