Wood & Slate

Natural and lightweight wooden tiles and stone veneers

Wood is without doubt one of the most beautiful raw materials that can be used for interior decoration. It’s ecologically friendly, hard-wearing and presents so many creative options, it’s virtually impossible not to find a way of blending it with a home or commercial surrounding. We source timber from around the world to ensure the highest quality and durability and use a full gamut of oils and finishes to ensure full diversity.

With all our wood products we suggest that you use an electric saw when cutting. This is by far the best way of achieving a clean, polished look. Our wood products come in standard sizes, right off the shelf so you can take delivery in a matter of a few days.

Quick FAQs

What paints can I use with it?
Panels don’t required any painting.
Instead, it comes in a range of different oiled and natural finishes.

What wood do you use?
Mainly oak, beech and walnut but we can use other woods for bespoke orders.

Can I fit and cut panels myself?
Yes, but remember that cutting wood requires some skills and professional tools.

When can I expect delivery?
Our wood panels are available in our online shop and can be delivered within 2 working days.

Let your imagination do the work

Wall panels

Our 3D effect wall panels come in two distinct looks. There’s cubed, particularly appealing for those looking for a contemporary feel, but versatile enough to still bring warmth and character to any room. Then there’s natural wood, which brings a more organic natural, almost forest like feel to your surroundings. Both are easy to fit, though we recommend calling in a professional to carry out the installation if DIY isn’t for you.