ombre antica signoria

OMBRE Antica Signoria





Polychromatic decorative finish.



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Additional Information

Substrate Preparation

Surfaces should be clean and smooth, any pre existing damage to the plaster should be fixed before application

Directions for use

Mix the contents of 24 kg pack of 2-3 kg of white Portland cement using a drill mixer, and apply the material to the wall (previously dampened with clean water) using a trowel, pressing lightly to obtain a glossy surface. When using a plastic trowel, you get the type of decorative effect -tynk Venetian


The product is ready to use

Specific gravity

1.65 – 1.75 kg / l

Theoretical coverage

2-3 m2 / kg


colours from the available colour well (directory)


Store in a dry place, protect against low temperatures.


comfort temperatures: between 8-25 C


It is recommended to wet the material 2 days before application, especially if it is applied to outside. Prior to application, the product should be mixed well to obtain a homogeneous consistency; product, which we intend to apply must be free from lumps. When applied outside we recommend the use of waterproofing called IDROREPELLENTE SILOSSANICO, applying several layers, avoiding sagging and dripping material

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