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CHIC is very easy to apply, decorative paint with a sandy textured finish. Chic paint fits well in with an antique exclusive interiors as well as an ultra-modern decorations. This product is available in three texture grades:

FINE – no sand

CLASSIC – about 0.13 mm granulation

HERITAGE – about 0.3 mm granulation

The material is based on acrylic resins in the form of aqueous emulsions, selected pigments and special additives. These components give good breathability (vapor permeable), good adhesion, ease of application and durability in contact with commonly encountered walls.

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Product Description

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Bianco, Bianco Puro

Number of layers


Drying time

4 hours at a temperature of approx. 20 ° C per layer. 24 hours to dry completely


10-12m² / l for 1 layer. The yield may vary depending on the porosity of the substrate prepared, the absorbency and the method of application


the product does not require coating

Specific Gravity

1.05 – 1.15 kg / l


3500 – 4000 Cps (scale Brookfielde’a, spindle speed of 20 rpm 5)


The product should be applied at temperatures between 5-30 ° C. Possible application tools: brush, pad, glove, wool roller or plastic float. The final aesthetic effect is dependent on the imagination of the contractor and the finishing tools used.


Store the product in a sealed container in a cool, dry place while avoiding temperatures below zero or above 50


sample colour palette in electronic form may differ from the actual, depending on the properties on the monitor they were viewed on. Photos also do not fully reflect the glossy texture of the material.

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