Colorful decors

Available in any RAL colour, easy to fit and lightweight 3D tiles

Our Décor collection of 3D wall tiles is a superb interior design option, created to give your home or commercial premises a look and feel that’s usually associated with a larger budget. We only manufacture and distribute products that use the very best quality materials, and provide them at prices everyone can afford.

Some of the most sophisticated wall tiles and panel effects look like they must have been installed by a fully qualified professional. But with the Décor range we’ve brought a collection together that enables any DIY enthusiastic to complete the work themselves. Naturally, if you choose to engage the services of a professional installer, the finished result could look even more polished.

Quick FAQs

Can I fit the panelling myself?
Yes, our decor collection is dedicated for DIY enthusiasts

What paints can I use with it?
Decors is painted in production, but you can re-paint it in the same way as casting plaster.

When can I expect delivery?
Decors is made to order, usually 2 – 6 weeks.

Let your imagination do the work

Polyurethane is a particularly simple product to install, using common fitting adhesives. The huge choice of different geometric shapes enables you to create atmospheres from talking-point centre pieces, to complete feature walls. The material is coated in matt paint, and you can choose any colour options from the RAL and NCS pallets. This is high quality polyurethane with a density of 250grams/dm3. It’s about five times more durable than other cheaper, unsound alternatives. Because of this, the panels are ideal for using in bathrooms, wet rooms and especially effective for soundproofing.