Architectural concrete

Raw, decorative precast concrete panels and tiles

Architectural concrete is a hard-wearing, fire and frost resistant material that works beautifully to create a modernist industrial feel for both interiors and exteriors. The slabs are produced to meet an A+ fire rating and are crafted using GRC technology. They come in four different shades from white through to dark grey and upon sealing, which can be done during production or onsite, are suitable for wet areas and outside walls.

This versatile material is made from real concrete and reinforced with industrial fibreglass, enabling it to be used in home and commercial environments. It has what’s known as a 4i attribution rating – the highest in its class, meaning that there’s no tougher material suited for decorative purposes. We use concrete tiles to create spectacular 3D effects for walls, but in addition, use concrete slabs to enable limitless creative opportunities for re-surfacing furniture and floors.

We have a complete range of moulded effects, but we can work with you to customise something that’s truly unique to your surroundings. Slabs typically come in sizes 1200 x 600 and 600 x 600, but these are easily re-sized with an angle grinder. Architectural concrete really is a material that allows you to use your imagination and achieve a look that’s instantly iconic.

Quick FAQs

Can I fit the panelling myself?
This really requires a professional installation. We don’t advise that you do it yourself.

If it becomes chipped or damaged, is it easy to repair?
The fact is, you probably won’t want to. Concrete is a ‘raw’ material and actually looks good with a few chips and marks.

What paints can I use with it?
It doesn’t require painting. It comes in four different shades – white through to dark grey.

When can I expect delivery?
All architectural concrete purchases are made to order and typically take 2 – 6 weeks.
However, larger orders can take slightly longer.

Let your imagination do the work