Bespoke services

From warm and traditional, to clean and contemporary

The 3D Art Factory is here to help you realise every one of your interior ambitions. Whether it’s for home, office or commercial use, we can tailor a bespoke solution to fit with your vision. Below is a breakdown of the materials we use to create the effects you’re looking for.

Casting surface

We use architectural concrete, gypsum and wood to create a variety of different 3D wall effects. Concrete is excellent for that modern-industrial look products, very minimalist. Our wood products allow experiences ranging from natural organic, to a warm and traditional feel. Wood is also used to create engineering and hard wood flooring – a unique alternative to traditional laminate flooring. Gypsum gives a limitless amount of possibilities because of the many different geometric shapes it allows, and sits very well if you’re looking for something contemporary. All in all these are perfect for feature walls as they enable a seamless, unbroken finish.

Veneered surface

If you want to create unique furniture or add a completely new dimension to your old furniture we have striking concrete, eco leather, natural slate and liquid metal veneers that add something truly matchless. Again, these types of finishes are great at providing that modern industrial look and feel, but we can use a range of techniques to create subtler effects.

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Covered surface

For walls and flooring we have polished concrete and Venetian plasters. These work perfectly for those who seek a more contemporary look, but can also work well to create a whole range of different effects. These materials have to be fitted on site, but we can talk you through the different options and show you examples of previous projects before any work begins.

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Quick FAQs

What materials do you use for 3D panels?
Concrete, gypsum, polyurethane and wood.

Is there a minimum order value for bespoke projects?
Yes, £500 is our starting price for the bespoke service.

Can you create drawings for our bespoke project?
Yes, no problem but we charge for this service. Call us for more details.

Can you send me any samples of your bespoke designs?
Yes, but it is very time-consuming. We’ll need to get an idea of what you’re looking for- then we can send you some samples. Because of the time involved, we have to charge for this service.