About us

Led by design, driven by service

3D Art Factory is a distributor of modern surfaces, run by a highly experienced team of talented 3D experts. We are dedicated to creating stunning contemporary wall interiors for domestic and commercial use. Our products are mainly handmade, come in a multitude of designs and textures, and comprise of materials ranging from natural wood and gypsum, to architectural concrete and polyurethane. They’re also versatile – many of our products can be used to add a striking dimension to floors and furniture surfaces.

Our beautifully modular Décor collection is easily installed using simple DIY techniques. Other ranges require an advanced level of expertise to install and present endless creative possibilities. However, regardless of the complexity of your requirements, our mission is to work with you to build an experience that’s completely unique to your environment.

We actively look for ways to work with interior designers, builders, architects and other industry professionals; so take a look at our work with us page and learn more about how we can make your clients’ ideas come to life. We offer a nationwide delivery service and believe there’s no other company in the industry that has the design know-how and dedication to customer excellence that we have.

If you’re looking for something new and inspiring, and want to work with a team that eats, sleeps and breathes interior design, contact us today.

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